About Us

Over the period of years, many new venues for learning have popped up claiming to be one stop destination for UPSC aspirants. However, most of them lack the quality that is needed in the course material. Most of the time their content is comprehensive but often they are overloaded with data that is not relevant from UPSC point of view. We call it irrelevant or superfluous information. Going through such material leads to 'Information Overload' which prevents students from retaining the crucial information.  UPSC Civil Services Exam is not just about knowing what to read but more than that about what not to read. Data filtering is very very important. Every serious aspirant works equally hard but only the ones who works smart gets through. The whole essence of coming up with this new platform is to help aspirants learn to work smart. Here we will be filtering and handpicking information in such a way that students have less but more relevant material to study which they can master over time to crack civil services examination.

Who Are We

We are a group of edu-tech enthusiasts with a vision to revolutionize the education sector in India

Our Mission

To provide the best quality education under one umbrella starting with UPSC Civil Services Exam

What We Do

We provide you with the most precise, yet comprehensive study material tailored specifically to the needs of UPSC Civil Services Exam

Do you know the difference between data and information ?

Success in competitive exams, especially in something as competitive as Civil Services Exam, depends upon the quality of the content your read and your retention capabilities. We find it easy to retain information related to what we already know. To retain the kind of information that is new to us, we need to practice a lot. Also, we all have limited retention power. We can't read each and every thing and remember it all. That is why it becomes very important to differentiate between data and information. There is a subtle difference between the two. On internet and standard books, you get information but wrapped in plenty of data which is not desirable from competition point of view. Only when you filter the relevant content, it becomes information. This information when absorbed properly becomes your knowledge, which ultimately helps you crack the exam. At UPSC MENTOR, you get the information which is precise, yet comprehensive, so that you read less yet gain maximum knowledge needed to crack the exam. In an exam as UPSC Civil Services Exam, where there are no boundaries to the syllabus, the only way to succeed is to read less of more. More than knowing what you must read, you must understand what you must NOT read. That is why every year despite reading same study material, some students succeed while majority fail. The only trick that matters the most is to understand - "What to read and what not to". Although its a subjective call, but with experience of years, we will help you filter information from the abundance of data, so that you spend your maximum effort in reading what will help you succeed.

  • Think

    Think why you want to go only for Civil Services when you can do something else too. Is it power, fame, money, status or the desire to bring about change? Find out your true reason. You will be able to persevere only if your reason has the potential to keep you motivated and driven towards your goal.

  • Decide

    Decide if you actually want to go for Civil Services. Decide if you would prepare full time or if you would work alongside. Think wisely and take a decision. Don't go by opinions of other. Every person is unique and hence the journey must be unique too.

  • Analyze

    Analyze previous year question papers and try to find out the focus areas, the type of questions asked, your strengths, your weaknesses, the available study material as well as available mentoring.

  • Evaluate

    Introspect yourself and try to objectively evaluate where you stand in the competition, and how much do you need to work to succeed. While you past performance is an indicator of your potential, you can always change your fortunes with your hard work and determination. But be objective while evaluating yourself for the competition.

  • Prepare

    Prepare wholeheartedly without any second thought and give it your best shot. Work hard but work smart. Make the best out of every opportunity you get to learn. 

  • Succeed

    Keep trying unless your succeed. Luck might play its card but luck favors only those who work hard. Beat the luck with your focus, perseverance, and hard work.


Why choose UPSC MENTOR ?

Specifically designed for UPSC CSE

Our content is NOT “one solution fits all”, because we know that for Civil Services Exam, you need content specifically designed for this exam only. Nothing more, nothing less. Hence, we are neither preparing this content for state civil services nor for any other government exam. This has been designed exclusively for UPSC CSE. Nothing less nothing more.

Precise yet comprehensive

We provide the most precise, yet comprehensive and well structured content tailored specifically to the needs of UPSC CSE. Nothing less nothing more, but precisely what you need. We cut the noise and provide you will highest quality content prepared after extensive research from hundreds of authentic sources, so that you don't need to refer any other study material.

Exclusive Original Content

We don't simply copy-paste from various sources, but prepare content after extensive research to ensure you get the latest authentic data presented in a lucid manner so that you understand it all without the need to refer other sources. Also, we update the content instantly as and when required. Therefore, our content is unique and gives you an edge in the exam. 

Author with Credentials

The content at UPSC MENTOR is created by those who have themselves cracked the exam and hence have credentials to guide you to the right direction. This is unlike many other platforms where those who have never cracked the exam have been creating the content.

Saves time and effort

You can easily save upto 80 percent of your time and effort, you otherwise spend reading other sources. This time you can utilize in revising and consolidating your concepts and knowledge. UPSC CSE is not just about reading but more about retaining so much information. That is why we say – “Work Hard but Work Smart”

High Quality Practice Mock Tests

Knowing the rules of cricket, and performing on the ground are two different things. Unless you practice the game, you cannot be your best on the field. Same goes  with UPSC CSE. No matter how much you study, practicing mock tests is a must, especially if you want to gain an edge over others.

...and if that is not enough

Feel free to drop your concerns, shares your anxieties, and discuss your plans with us. We will try our best to help you as much as we can.

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