Understand the difference between data and information

It is very important to differentiate between data and information. There is a subtle difference between the two. On internet and standard books, you get information but wrapped with plenty of undesirable data. Only when you filter out the noise, it becomes the information. This information when absorbed properly becomes your knowledge, which you need to learn to apply in real time to crack the exam. Unless you learn to work smart, you are going to get lost amidst the huge pile of data. That is why every year despite reading same study material, some students succeed while majority fail. The only way to succeed is to understand - What to read and what to not. Although it's a subjective call, but with experience of years, we help you filter information from a wide array of sources, so that you spend your maximum effort in reading what matters actually for the exam.

Recipe to succeed

  • Think

    Think WHY you want to go only for Civil Services when you can do something else too. Is it power, fame, money, status or the desire to bring about change? Find out your true reason. You will be able to persevere only if your reason has the potential to keep you motivated and driven towards your goal.

  • Decide

    Decide if you actually want to go for Civil Services. Decide if you would prepare FULL-TIME or PART-TIME. Think wisely and take a decision. Don't go by opinions of other. Every person is unique and hence the journey must be unique too.

  • Analyze

    Analyze PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPERS and try to find out the focus areas, the type of questions asked, your strengths, your weaknesses, the available study material as well as available mentoring.

  • Evaluate

    Introspect yourself and try to objectively evaluate where you stand, and how much do you need to work to succeed. While you past performance is an indicator of your potential, you can always change your fortunes with your hard work and determination. But BE OBJECTIVE while evaluating yourself for the competition.

  • Prepare

    Prepare wholeheartedly without any second thought and give it your best shot. Work hard but do WORK SMART. Make the best out of every opportunity you get to learn, don't procrastinate but RESPECT THE TIME, and in the process, do ENJOY THE JOURNEY.

  • Succeed

    Keep trying unless you succeed. Luck has its role but favours only those who work hard. BEAT THE LUCK with your focus, perseverance, and hard work.

Feel free to drop your concerns, share your anxieties, and discuss your plans with us. We will try our best to help you as much as we can.

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